About Us


We are absolutely convinced that the future of medicine depends on an integrative approach to counter degenerative diseases and promote healthy ageing. Degenerative disease make up 90% of all diseases now treated by the medical fraternity.

We believe the huge diagnostic and therapeutic base of conventional medicine needs to integrate the benefits of supplementary medical interventions with neutraceuticals, bio – identical hormones and lifestyle adjustments. We are very enthusiastic about the emerging field of metabolomics where the unique liver detoxification profile of an individual can be measured and quantified.

This distinctive picture can then be augmented and rectified to slow down the production of toxins and reactive oxidative species. The availability of unravelling an individual’s exclusive DNA and genetic constitution is an enormous advancement in the medical world.

The early detection via this route of preventable degenerative conditions, produces natural and supplementary therapeutic regimens in association with lifestyle modifications unknown to the medical world until the 21st century!

Combining these emerging tests and modalities opens up the world of individualized treatment of an individual based on an unique biological footprint of the individual.

For us the future is about customising and tailoring the supplements, neutriceuticals, bio –identical hormones and conventional allopathic treatments in accordance with this exclusive footprint of the individual. We know this is the only way to stem the tide and destruction of degenerative diseases.


We believe in the power of integrative medicine and uses it skilfully by:

(i) Assessing each individual’s unique biological footprint and needs by means of DNA testing, Metabolic toxicological status and needs, Hormonal constitution on top of conventional laboratory test results

(ii) The exclusive picture obtained for each individual will be analyzed and the abnormalities treated with neutriceuticals, supplements, bio-identical hormones, life style adjustments as well as conventional allopathic medicines where needed

(iii) Coaching the individual towards Healthy Ageing by constructing the whole therapeutic plan and empowering the individual with the knowledge in order to hand the responsibility for health and well being back to the individual where it should be

(iv) Empowering other medical therapists with the knowledge on biological foot printing and individualized holistic treatment plans

(v) Every supplement and all neutriceuticals produced by the company have been and will be designed in such a way as to meet the need for individualized treatment protocols.

This can only be done by a Medical Doctor driven company where the Doctors are uniquely positioned and trained to apply integrative medicine; a feature of Future Health where two directors are Medical Doctors. These two are also busy being trained as Fellows of the AAAA and both are practicing on a daily base as Integrative Medical Practitioners